10 year Quadrum Capital


Enschede, 22 September 2022 - Founded in 2012, started in a " small barn " in Enschede and grown into a successful company in 10 years! Quadrum Capital has spread its wings from Twente, both nationally and internationally. We owe these developments to the trust and mutual commitment of our participations, support from our valuable entrepreneurial backbone, consisting of more than 200 entrepreneurs and family offices and committed advisors.

10 year Quadrum Capital

Anniversary party

Last week, we celebrated our 10th anniversary party in a special way at the unique location of Vliegveld Twenthe in Enschede, the region where everything started 10 years ago.

With a wonderful plenary programme led by Sofie van den Enk with Dutch top entrepreneurs Rose Damen (Damen Yachting), Iwan Göbel (Burton Car) and Jaap Kortweg (De Vegetarische Slager) on running a business in a constantly moving competitive international market, achieving and maintaining success and their view on the future.

And as highlight, the presence of a special speaker who told us exceptionally about his career in motorsport, managing teams and top talent, dealing with success and setbacks and his strength within his successful team.

Fonds Gehandicaptensport

Practicing sports is not something that everyone can take for granted. The opportunity to play sports inspires people and teams to get the best out of themselves; with or without a disability. People with physical or mental disabilities really have to take an extra step for which the necessary budget is not always available. For our 10th anniversary, we have therefore decided to support the “Sport Gehandicaptenfonds”.

We are proud to announce that together with our guests we are donating a total amount of €45,000 to this very valuable fund.

The Sport Gehandicaptenfonds is committed to making sport possible for all people with a disability. On to a future where sports for people with disabilities is a completely normal thing!

On behalf of team Quadrum Capital: We thank our participations and committed investors for their trust and look forward to a successful continuation of our partnership.

We look back on a fantastic inspiring day!

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