Passion for entrepreneurship. No-nonsense. Engaged.

Our regional roots, no-nonsense mentality and strong engagement characterise the way we work and form the basis for valuable long-term relationships and a keen view on business. As a result of our entrepreneurial DNA, we understand the entrepreneur like no other and aim to spot and seize opportunities together.

Local roots as a basis for unique added value.

Thanks to our local roots, we are literally close to the companies we invest in. From our offices in Woerden and Almelo, situated outside the epicentre of the financial world, we build on an exclusive network and have access to unique opportunities in the market.


Quadrum Capital was founded in 2012. The initial investments were financed by the partners themselves. With the first fund, QIFI, in 2014 external investors were also given access to the investment opportunities that Quadrum Capital saw in the market. Subsequent to the quickly following deal-by-deal investments and the creation of Quadrum Habitat Fund, QIFII - for which Quadrum Capital rapidly gathered capital of nearly 100 million euros - was set up in 2018. With QIFIII, a fourth fund was set up in 2020.

Quadrum Capital