Dutch Quadrum Capital invests in LensOnline's vision for the future


Kruibeke/Woerden, May 25th, 2022 - LensOnline, the largest online supplier of contact lenses in the Benelux, and Dutch investment company Quadrum Capital are joining forces to support LensOnline's further growth on the European market and to invest in a wider range of total solutions for eye care.

Quadrum Capital - LensOnline

In recent years LensOnline has experienced strong growth in Belgium and the Netherlands, but still sees more opportunities. Bert Boon, CEO and founder of LensOnline: "The demand from the market is more towards offering a total approach. The hybrid model in which we call in the expertise of independent opticians meets that demand, but the challenges and opportunities in the longer term are greater." With the cooperation with Quadrum Capital, LensOnline hopes to fulfil its plans for further European expansion, further focus on e-commerce and next steps in eye care.

"Just that hybrid model is what we at Quadrum Capital want to support and build on," says Hedzer Wester, Investment Manager at Quadrum. "The e-commerce experience within LensOnline and its broad network of partner opticians, are complementary to our current investments." Quadrum Capital and LensOnline are mainly looking at expanding the partner network and services around eye care. Wester outlines the long-term goal: "By combining a network of eye experts with a broad partner network, we reach consumers who often have difficulty finding that total vision solution."

In the short term, LensOnline will focus mainly on geographical expansion, with further growth in the Netherlands and the full roll-out of the concept in Italy at the top of the agenda. Together with Quadrum Capital, LensOnline wants to realise this growth by taking its current marketing activities to an even higher level. In addition, the possibilities of entering the German market will be investigated.

Boon: "With Quadrum Capital we have a partner who on one hand believes in our plans to offer more complementary services around eye care, but on the other hand is also willing to take those plans to a European level. Quadrum Capital's know-how and network are invaluable in that respect."

With Bert Boon as founder and CEO, the current management is anchored in the shareholder structure and day-to-day succession is assured. "In order to realise growth and move faster in the future, it is important for LensOnline that the current management remains on board," continues Boon.

About LensOnline LensOnline®, founded in 2004, is one of the largest online suppliers of contact lenses. LensOnline operates in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy where it works with a large network of more than 250 independent partner opticians who assist consumers in purchasing contact lenses, liquids and care products.

About Quadrum Capital Independent investment company Quadrum Capital helps companies in the mid-market segment to achieve their growth ambitions in a responsible way. Entrepreneurship, strong commitment and the contribution of high-quality management experience, network and financial strength form the basis for this. Quadrum Capital has offices in Woerden and Almelo and is characterized by a strong regional presence, a sharp vision and a no-nonsense mentality.

Since its foundation in 2012 Quadrum Capital has built a broad portfolio of participations in various sectors. Healthcare and IT are among Quadrum Capital's focus sectors and LensOnline's activities are a perfect match. The participation in LensOnline will take place from the recently founded Quadrum Investment Fund IV. This fund is mainly financed by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families and has a clear (international) growth ambition.

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