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Our unique Evergreen Fund has an indefinite duration and is exclusively available to a select group of investors. This fund embodies sustainable investments and continuous value creation, focusing on interim dividend payouts and long-term planning as its key characteristics. The goal of our Evergreen Fund is to achieve a stable and high long-term dividend yield for investors based on a robust portfolio of non-listed SME companies. 

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Quadrum Capital frequently engages with mature enterprises that have demonstrated attractive and stable profitability over the years, boasting strong cash-generating capabilities. These companies, with their consistent annual dividend payouts, present appealing investment opportunities. However, they may not align entirely with the character of the Quadrum Investment Funds, where free cash flow is directed toward facilitating autonomous growth and buy-and-build strategies. Hence, the existence of the Quadrum Evergreen Fund.

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The Quadrum Evergreen Fund is committed to delivering steady growth and reliable dividends, providing our investors with a solid financial foundation.
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With the Quadrum Evergreen Fund, our aim is to achieve an annual (net) dividend target of at least 6%. Participants can enter the fund starting from 3 million euros. The expectation is to invest this amount within 3 to 5 years, a longer period compared to the Quadrum Investment Funds. The fund size can be increased through new capital rounds after the initial fund commitment of 75-100 million euros is fully invested and allocated. Investors have the option to exit once a year, starting three years after entry. 

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