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The ability to invest

At Quadrum, we seize opportunities and look beyond the horizon. We believe that investing is more than providing capital, which is why we are exceptionally active in our engagements. With our team of passionate professionals, a sharp vision, and we focus on development, we strive for long-term success.

Our approach

Quadrum Capital represents a dedicated approach focused on achieving success for both our investors and the enterprises we collaborate with. Our methodology provides a solid foundation for growth, aiming for sustainable outcomes and paving a collective path towards success.

Solid mid-market companies with growth ambitions.

Our investment focus targets established mid-market enterprises with an EBITDA starting from 2.5 million euros. These are companies seeking an active and involved shareholder and are open to the close collaboration that defines us.

Value creation based on partnership and clear growth strategies.

Together with the management, we commit to the further development and growth of the company. This mutual commitment is reflected in the structure of our collaborations; a majority interest or controlling minority interest for Quadrum Capital, as well as participation of the management of the company we invest in. Other pillars for joint success are a clear growth and exit strategy, as well a structured rollout of the strategy.

Structured investment process with dedicated investment team.

We follow a streamlined process from selection till exit of the portfolio company. Our aim is to maintain continuous insight and control, enabling us to steer swiftly and accurately. Our in-house Quadrum investment team, composed of a partner, investment manager, and analyst, guides the participation throughout the entire process for maximum continuity.

Our track-record

Our seasoned team represents high-level management experience and expertise


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We minimize sustainability risk and create sustainable value for the long term

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Value creation through partnership and a clear strategy.

Alongside management, we commit to furthering the development and growth of the enterprise. This mutual commitment is woven into the structure of our partnerships. It involves either a majority stake or controlling minority stake for Quadrum Capital, coupled with the participation of the company's management. Additionally, we aim for collective success through a clear growth and exit strategy, coupled with a structured execution guided by Quadrum Capital. 

More information about our approach? 

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