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State of Art

State of Art is a men's clothing brand that is positioned in the middle to higher price segment and operates mainly in the Benelux. The company from Lichtenvoorde started in 1936 as a knitting factory and has since grown into an omni-channel developer and supplier of men's fashion in the Classic Casual segment. It's a real 'Pride of Holland’company. State of Art positions itself as a high-quality clothing brand. According to the management, the target audience is mainly men over the age of 30, with an above-average income. Albert Westerman forged a strong link between the State of Art brand and classic Porsche models right from the start. The Porsches feature in images on garments and in the shops. The products marketed by State of Art are known under the brand names State of Art, State of Art Racing and Bluefields Fashion. State of Art articles are sold to wholesalers, in its own one brand stores, in outlet stores and through online channels.




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