Our team

Driven to help companies grow.

Our team consists of driven professionals and four partners, each with a long track record of leading positions in Dutch business and banking. As a team, we share a passion for entrepreneurship and the drive to put our knowledge and skills to work in order to achieve goals and help companies to progress. In our work, that translates into engagement, pleasure and the desired results.

  • Arjan Hoop

    Managing Partner

  • Peter Oostenenk

    Managing Partner

  • Rien Nagel


  • Herman Hazewinkel

    Non - executive Partner

  • Tinka Stertefeld

    Business Operations Manager

  • Hedzer Wester

    Investment Manager

  • Gert van Drie

    Investment Manager

  • Jordy Koetsier

    Investment Manager

  • Robert Faber

    Investment Manager

  • Rob Tuinte

    Investment Manager

  • Ynze van Beek


  • Ingmar Versteegen


  • Tim Smeets


  • Maike Pelle

    Corporate Secretary

  • Dennis de Buijzer


  • Tom Bosch

    Business Controller

  • Niek Vos

    Financial Controller

  • Iris Braker

    Management Assistent

  • Anne Dikmans

    Personal Assistant

Quadrum Capital