Working method

Together towards growth.

We believe that investing is more than providing capital. That is why we are actively involved with the companies we invest in, and work closely together with their management in order to successfully achieve the company’s strategic ambitions. Based on our mission to help companies move into the next phase of their growth in a structured and responsible manner, and in doing so create sustainable value, our approach is focused on the long-term.

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Solid mid-market companies with growth ambitions.

Our investment strategy focuses on solid companies in the mid-market segment with an EBITDA of at least 2 million euros and an outspoken (international) growth ambition. Furthermore, such companies are looking for an active shareholder and are open to the close collaboration we stand for.

Value creation based on partnership and clear growth strategies.

Together with the management, we commit to the further development and growth of the company. This mutual commitment is reflected in the structure of our collaborations; a majority interest or controlling minority interest for Quadrum Capital, as well as participation of the management of the company we invest in. Other pillars for joint success are a clear growth and exit strategy, as well as a structured rollout of the strategy.

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Structured investment process and dedicated investment teams.

From selection to exit of the companies we invest in, we work according to a clear and structured process. This process is directed towards continuous insight into and control of developments, allowing for swift and accurate action. For maximum continuity, the investment is assigned its ‘own’ Quadrum investment team, a fixed formation comprising a partner, an investment manager and an analyst, to accompany it throughout the entire process.

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