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Megahout operates nationwide as an importer, wholesaler and is the largest producer of finger jointed timber in the Netherlands. Megahout imports high-quality certified spruce from Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic states. This wood is processed into semi-finished products for the wood processing industry. For wood processing, Megahout uses the most modern woodworking machines specially developed for Megahout. Megahout supplies from 10,000m3 of its own stock raw, planed and finger-joined timber up to 10 meters in length. Megahout also does this as a logistic support partner whereby customers can be supplied from stock and therefore have to keep less of their own stock.

Megahout is part of Quadrum Evergreen Fund.




Team Quadrum

Why choose Quadrum?

Working closely with Quadrum has given our company the unique opportunity to benefit from their extensive network and unparalleled expertise in the industry. With their support and guidance, we can achieve our growth goals and increase our market share. We believe this partnership will help us realize our vision and become a leading player in the wood industry.

Why did we invest in Megahout?

A company at the forefront of sustainability and innovation in the wood industry. We were impressed by Megahout's strong commitment to promoting environmentally friendly practices and pursuing a circular economy. In addition, we felt a strong personal click with the team at Megahout, which convinced us that together we can achieve the ambitious growth plans. We look forward to working closely with Megahout and further strengthening their position as a market leader through strategic investments and valuable partnerships.

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